Publications and Image Use Tearsheets

Some of the times I have been published in the last couple of years. 

Wooster’s Album Cover Art 

August 2014

Photographed and did the graphic design for the album “Jenklab” by Wooster

Amazon Category Masthead Image

July 2012 used a product image I shot for MadeSolid's 3D Printing materials line as the Masthead Image for one of the Featured Categories on their 3D Printing Store landing page. 

MadeSolid Product Photos on Amazon

May 2014
Some product shots I took for MadeSolid for their 3D Printing Materials line are now up on 

BoldItalic Article

March 2014
An article I wrote about the abandoned Fleishhacker Poolhouse for The BoldItalic published on their website. 

TechCrunch Article
March 2014

Some of my photos are used in this TechCrunch article about MadeSolid's 3D Printing Materials line. 

Book Cover and Layout
February 2014

I did the interior layout, the cover layout, and photographed the cover art for for Outpatient Weight Loss Surgery by Dr. Ken Sasse.


  • ISBN-10: 193472727X

  • ISBN-13: 978-1934727270

36 Dollars Magazine Contributor
December 2013

I contributed a significant amount of photographic materials to the art book Kickstarter project 36 Dollars Magazine

Photography for Leap Motion Book
October 2013

I did principle photography for the book Leap Motion Development Essentials by Mischa Spiegelmock. 


  • ISBN-10: 1849697728

  • ISBN-13: 978-1849697729

Photo used on 
June 2012

My photograph used on for Photoshop Elements. 

Photo used on
April 2013

My photograph used on for Adobe Revel. 

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MadeSolid Product Photos on Amazon

MadeSolid Product Photos on

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