Urban Decay, Abandoned Buildings, Empty Cities.

A collection of the urban exploration work I have been doing over the last 10 years. 
Treasure Island
Ex-Naval Base

Abandoned decommissioned Naval Base in San Francisco, California, off Highway 80. Parts of the base have been renovated for civilian housing but empty sections stretch the length of the island at some points. 

Mare Island, CA
Ex-Naval Base

Abandoned decomissioned Naval Base in Vallejo, California off Highway 37. Parts of the Base have been renovated for civilian housing, but whole swaths still lay abandoned for the last  30+ years. 

Drawbridge, CA
Abandoned Town

Abandoned train town in California near Alviso. 

PG&E Station A 
Abandoned  Plant 

Photos of the Abandoned PG&E Station A in San Francisco's Dogpatch Neighborhood on 23rd Street. 

Public Health Abandoned Hospital

Photos of the abandoned Public Health Hospital in the Presidio of San Francisco, at 15th Ave and Lake. Opened in 1932, this location has now been remodeled into condos. see wiki article